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September 18, 2008

Brighton Salon Video: Durodie on Terrorism

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Just looking over some of the video of the Brighton Salon that Bright Media produced for us over the last couple of years. We’ll definitely be adding some more of this to our new website in the coming period. However here is one particularly nice one from last October:

Bill’s argues that the suicide bomber need to be understood  not as some exotic phenomena of the troubled Middle East, nor as a simple response to British foreign policy but rather in terms of a deeply problematic  western intellectual dynamic. Rather than looking for understanding in the teachings of a faraway Madrassah, or even the process of radicalisation per se we need to look at closer at the self-loathing we find in much contemporary western thought. The comparison to other made-in-the-west nihlistic outbursts like Columbine is particularly striking as is Bill’s attempt to locate terrorism in a broader counter-cultural context.

For some more detail on the event see Sean Bell’s write-up of the discussion at:

I’m planning to archive and make available the rest of this material over the next couple of weeks as the new Brighton Salon website takes shape.


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